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Diamond tufted benches are everywhere.  Very few have been executed with the handmade precision and craftsmanship involved in true traditional deep buttoning. Done right, they’re beautiful, classic, practical, and they give any bedroom that finishing touch that exudes luxury and style. It’s that time of year to spruce up your bedroom, or any room in your house, with your very own bench design.

You can learn how to create a custom boudoir bench for your bedroom or any room in your house.

  • Custom deep buttoned benches can cost anywhere from $1200 to $3500!
  • Deep buttoning is a time consuming upholstery technique that upholsterers charge their clients top dollar to create for them.
  • You’ve searched for tutorials, videos and books about deep buttoning, but you just need and want someone to explain it to you, show you how it’s done, tell you how to get it right.
  • It’s no secret that qualified upholstery teachers are few and far between.  If you’re tired of searching high and low for a class, your problems are solved. Help has arrived.

Upholstery Knockouts is a series of online courses modeled after our most successful and popular live studio classes.  The curriculum has been mindfully developed in response to a growing demand for classes provided by experienced and professional  upholsterers, both for aspiring upholsterers, as well as those wanting to learn how to create unique furnishings in response to decor and design trends. Either way, it’s not easy to find the simplified, personal, as well as professional instruction you need. The best part of it is that you can ‘go to class’ at your convenience.

This exclusive online specialty course, presented by Upholstery Knockouts, brings upholstery class to you, in the comfort of your own home, with the patient instruction and guidance of a professional upholsterer as your instructor.

Upholstery Knockouts: Create a Stunning Deep Buttoned Boudoir Bench is an online upholstery course that will gently and patiently guide you, encourage you, and inspire you through the step by step process of creating your own bench frame, padding it up, and upholstering it using the authentic traditional deep buttoning methods learned in Wales.

Combined with modern, more readily available and reasonably priced materials, this online course will teach you how to create a low cost, high impact, design rich piece of upholstered furniture for yourself or to sell, if you’re starting a small furniture redesign business.

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Create a Stunning Deep Buttoned Boudoir Bench  is an online upholstery course. Register now to save your space, only $225.00.

Students from the other classes are already designing, creating and selling deep buttoned benches and headboards for themselves as well as their clients. You only need to sell two of your benches for at least $225.00 each to make a 100% profit on your investment!

What Students Say:

Emily Rosenfeld MengelThe online format of Upholstery Knockouts is an ideal way to learn basic upholstery skills. Being able to watch and rewatch the videos was fantastic, especially for some of the more complicated techniques. My favorite part of the class was our Facebook group! We shared our successes, helpful tips, frustrations, supply sources, and my favorite—pictures of final projects!

–Emily Rosenfeld Mengel


  • you’ll be getting the same knowledge, information and demonstrations that have proven successful in my live classes and workshops
  • you’ll get to work on your projects when it suits you, even in your jammies, if you want
  • you’ll learn exactly how to build, pad and upholster a 48″ x 18″ deep buttoned bench that you’ll be proud to display in your home
  • you’ll learn the traditional British method of deep buttoning (or diamond tufting with deep buttons)
  • you’ll get to ask your questions in your online classroom and in your private Facebook Group of many, many experienced students
  • you’ll gain confidence by building your upholstery knowledge and skill base
  • you’ll be inspired by all of the possibilities surrounding upholstery as a hobby and profession
  • you’ll connect with like minded creatives around the world who share your interest in fabric, furniture and learning the centuries old craft of upholstery
  • you’ll experience a sense of accomplishment and pride in building and creating a piece of upholstered furniture
  • you’ll reignite your creativity

About your Teacher:

Shelly LeerI’m Shelly Leer, upholsterer, writer, educator and designer. After twenty years of owning my own upholstery studio, working for designers, shops, and designing children’s furniture and accessories,  I turned my attention to teaching.  As a former featured writer for, a contributor to Apartment Therapy Chicago, Huff Post Home, and currently a contributor to, I’ve learned how to simplify the sometimes mysterious craft of upholstery and present it in its proper form to a rapidly growing market.

I started to share all of my knowledge and experience in creating stylish and high quality home furnishings that don’t look homemade; it  seemed only natural to begin to teach others.  My local studio is home to live upholstery and sewing classes, as well as a variety of home furnishing workshops. We’re proud to attract and teach students from coast to coast.

Whether you’re feathering your own nest or you want to add upholstered furniture to your shop offerings, I know how frustrating it can be if you can’t find a teacher or a class that provides the guidance and comprehensive instruction you want and need.

Shelly Miller Leer of ModHomeEc is a Houzz Influencer  Over 50,000 Ideabook saves - Shelly Leer of ModHomeEc on Houzz

Using modern materials mixed with traditional upholstery methods, you will learn the deep buttoning technique I learned in Wales. This time honored  technique is easily transferable to chair backs, settees, ottomans, banquettes and headboards. It’s a skill you simply must have in your upholstery skills  ‘toolbox’.

If you’ve searched in vain for the perfect, stylish, deep buttoned bench, but they all seem cheaply made, lack individuality and simply don’t have the quality of workmanship you demand, this course is for you. You’ll learn everything you need to know in order to create a deep buttoned bench that’s a guaranteed show stopper.

*Be advised: your friends will want you to make one for them.

Well made, deep buttoned benches can can cost a fortune. When I decided that I wanted a deep buttoned bench for my master bedroom, I found nothing in the retail market that measured up to my expectations, as well as fit my budget.  I knew I could make exactly what I wanted, and I knew I could do it the right way. That’s what I’m sharing with you. The skills you’ll learn can easily be applied to a wide array of  deep buttoned furnishings over and over again.

This course is for you if:

  • You want to create a brilliant deep buttoned bench for your boudoir
  • You want to add deep buttoned (diamond tufted) pieces to your vintage furniture business
  • You want to create beautiful, practical benches to present as gifts for family and friends
  • You want to make a deep buttoned headboard and footstools
  • You want to add deep buttoning to your upholstery skill set so that you’ll have it when you need it

Here’s how the online course works:

* Course content will be delivered to you in an online classroom, which is a closed WordPress site. You’ll receive a link to the classroom site with a key (passwords) to get in, ‘walk around’ the classroom as much as you like to get the feel of things and get ready for class to begin September 19.

* Class content will be delivered through audio, video demonstrations, clear, detailed photo-tutorials and downloadable worksheets. All of the content can be accessed and reviewed anytime in the online classroom so that you can continue the work and review any time.

* You’ll have access to our FB group where you can post questions, comments, frustrations and triumphs throughout the class. The group members on FB are you classmates, current and alums.  Some discussions will be minimal, while others will be quite robust. It’s exhilarating to interact with others who share your enthusiasm for learning the ins and outs of upholstery.

* The Facebook Group Page is also a place for you to post photos of your work in progress, get feedback and ease frustrations if you’re stumped by some aspect of your project.

What Students Say:

DeidreI have always wanted to learn how to upholster and had no luck locally with class or teachers in my area (Northern Massachusetts). I decided to look online to see if I could find a source online that would be a good starting point. I came across and decided to sign up to follow along with the blogs and discovered that Shelly taught online beginner classes. Being a little hesitant to sign up for an online course I thought about it and quickly dismissed the idea. A few weeks later I got an e-mail regarding a sale on the class for St. Patrick’s Day and took it as a sign and thought why not give it a try.

I am so glad I did!! Not only is the class fun and creative but it’s also easy to follow with the videos but also the convenience of watching the videos in your own free time was so helpful with my full time job. Shelly is a fabulous teacher. I would take another class without hesitation the reward of the finished product and the confidence it builds is worth it all!


Ready to Sign Up?

Create a Stunning Deep Buttoned Boudoir Bench  is an online course with Shelly Miller Leer. The full course is only $225.00!

Registration now open!


When does this class start?  September 19, 2016.

Do you need special skills to take this class? This is a beginning to intermediate level upholstery class, but you should have an aptitude for working with fabric and materials, as well as basic carpentry to build your bench frame.

What time do we meet? The course content is posted online in our virtual classroom which you can access any time after class, day or night. Sessions are scheduled two – 3 times per week for six weeks.

How much time will it take, what happens if I get behind? About five hours per week for six weeks with flexibility to suit your schedule and needs.

Can I go back to previous lessons? Absolutely!

Do you have to know how to sew? NO! 

What if I don’t have all of those tools? In our pre-course work and information, I’ll show you how to make do with more common tools you may have around your house. Though you will need an electric stapler (preferably upholstery specific) and a few upholstery specific tools and materials.

How do I know if this class is for me? If you’ve wanted to learn upholstery, can’t find a class or a teacher, have tried following video tutorials, but need the guidance and instruction of a professional upholsterer with over 25 years of experience, then Upholstery Knockouts has come to your rescue. I can’t physically travel around the world teaching classes, but I can virtually come right into your home and give you the instruction, support and encouragement you need to build your skills.

When will I know if I got into the class? Once you register, you’ll get a PayPal confirmation. You’ll receive an email from me within a few days after you register. Then, you’ll receive an email and a link into your online classroom before class begins September 19, 2016.

What Students Say:

Karin McCormick FredricksonThis class will teach you, show you and enable you to make your very own deep buttoning bench. I honestly didn’t have faith that I could do it but I did. Shelly’s lessons are very clear and she even addresses problems and questions before they happen. Having the Facebook group is invaluable. Every question or problem I had was quickly answered. I loved this on-line class!

–Karin McCormick Fredrickson, Valencia, California

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Create a Stunning Deep Buttoned Boudoir Bench  is only $225.00 for the last 2016 session.

More praise from students:

Megan and MattThanks for a wonderful class. We finished our chair tonight and it felt AMAZING!!!

Just a few months ago, my husband and I had precisely zero upholstery knowledge. After Shelly’s class, we have completed a chair fit to sell and are brimming with confidence about our new skills. This class will teach you professional methods of upholstery and provide you with countless tricks of the trade. Shelly not only demystifies the art of upholstery, but also leaves her students with wonderful morsels of knowledge that we definitely wouldn’t have figured out on our own. Highly recommended!

–Megan and Matt Enderby, De Pere, Wisconsin

StaciWhen I saw an opportunity to learn upholstery basics on-line, I took a chance. I had wanted to learn upholstery, had attempted some DIY projects and read as many books as I could get my hands on. But after reading all of the tutorials, articles, books, I was still missing something.

Shelly Leer at ModHomeEc provided me with that missing piece. She posted easy to follow, step-by-step instructional videos that are both professional and familiar feeling. She is an excellent teacher and coach as you learn tips, upholstery history and solid foundation technique. Shelly is incredibly responsive to questions and gives her advice freely. I now feel as though I am beginning to understand and appreciate upholstery for the art form that it is, have developed a passion for it, and cannot wait to take her next class!

–Staci Hammond, Walnut Creek, CA

What you’ll need to take this course:

Tools and Materials

(This list of materials is for a 48″ x 18″ long bench.) List of wood cuts will be supplied before class starts.

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Deep Buttoned Boudoir Bench