Flipping Furniture


Class Policy

Read our entire policy before registering so everyone knows what to expect when you enroll.

1. Course fee is nonrefundable.

2. In case of unforeseen emergency circumstances, the scheduled lessons may have to be adjusted. We will deliver all lessons according to the Class Schedule unless you hear otherwise. If a lesson

is delayed, it will be made up as soon as possible.

3. Once you’re enrolled, it is understood that none of the course materials or videos will be shared with others who’ve not enrolled in this course. All content is protected by copyright.

We reserve the right to cancel a class based on number of students registered. We will not hold a class with less than 15 students. You will receive a refund if less than 15 students are registered two weeks before your course is scheduled to begin.


Your online class is the next best thing to a live class when you keep up with the work and become an active part of the closed Facebook community.

1. You get to ‘attend’ class as you wish, wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to work hard.

2. Our online class size is limited since we’ll be working with you to discover your specific niche and develop your profit earning formula.

3. You can email me anytime with questions about the class. If you want to discuss your particular business, it may be helpful to post your comments in the FB Group where your class can benefit from, and participate in problem solving and providing ideas and suggestions.

4. We have a Play Nice policy. Constructive and kind criticism only.

How to Register:

On the ModHomeEc.com website, under the Classes tab, you can register for F2, or you can register directly from the F2 Sales Page. Read through all of the information before registering for the course since the course is non refundable.

After Registering:

PayPal will send you a payment confirmation. If you use another form of credit through PayPal, you may not receive confirmation. If you’re uncertain if your payment was received, contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.