Flipping Furniture



Who is this course for? Anyone can take this course, but as a business class, it’s been developed for upholsterers, designers, interior designers, etsy shop owners, vintage furniture store owners, flea market vendors, event rental businesses, booth space owners, home stagers, owners of furnishing shops, and many more. This course is directed at those with a desire to create unique and exceptional pieces that will attract educated  customers who are willing to pay for unusual pieces, fabulous textiles, good taste, style.

When does this class start?  Flipping Furniture begins on June 1, 2016 and runs through July 6. This time of year will allow you to put the lessons you’ll be learning right to work during the summer markets, art fairs, and other venues where customers will be out shopping for new pieces to add to their homes.

Do you need special skills to take this class? No, this course is a business course for those already flipping furniture or those who want to start flipping furniture for profit. We will not cover the physical or visual transformation. The course is about the business end of creative and sophisticated furniture flipping and profiting.

What time do we meet? The course content is posted online in our virtual classroom which you can access any time, day or night. Once the Flipping Furniture virtual classroom is open, your class schedule will be posted, but you can access the lessons any time. When a new lesson is posted, you’ll receive a link for that day’s lesson via a Mailchimp email between 8:00-9:00 am on lesson days. The course will remain available to you for six months after it ends.

How much time will it take; what happens if I get behind? You’ll receive 2-3 lessons each week that will last anywhere from 15-45 minutes. Everyone works at a different pace, some may complete the lessons on the day they’re posted, or some may wait until they have time to complete an entire week’s worth of lessons. The course content is available to you to review as needed. If you’re getting behind, you can still be an active member in the Facebook group. It’s recommended that you keep up with the course work, but this is a no stress class. It’s hard to say how much time it will take since every student comes to the course with different levels of knowledge and experience.

What kind of computer do I need? You’ll need a high speed internet connection and the most updated version of your browser.

Can I go back to previous lessons? Absolutely!

What do I need to have in order to get started? This course is a knowledge based class rather than a skill based class, however we will be showing you some hands-on demos such as how to set up a small home workshop that will accommodate your own ‘flipping’ business. You should have a means of taking notes on the course information, just as if you were taking a business course. You’ll need a good phone camera or digital camera for many things you’ll be posting. A nicer camera is helpful, but not necessary when we’re talking about product photography. You’ll also have homework assignments in which you’ll be creating private Pinterest Boards so you need to have a Pinterest account.

How do I know if this class is for me? This class is designed for anyone who wants to start, or already has started a furniture flipping business as well as those of you who are creating one of a kind home furnishings that you’re trying to sell through flea markets, art fairs, vintage shops, interior design shops, antique malls, Etsy, online shops, or any other retail market for one of a kind home furnishings. We’re focusing on flipping vintage furniture, but other complimentary home furnishing flips and easy designs may be included. You’ll come away with a better understanding of the creative flipping business, but the real meat and potatoes of this course will be the business understanding you’ll be taught, as well as a formula for you to thrive in your niche market and earn a profit from your designs.

When will I know if I got into the class? Once you register, you’ll get a PayPal confirmation. You’ll receive an email from me within a few days after you register. Then, you’re IN and I’ll be sharing class specific information to help you get ready for the course.

Is there any reason this class would be too difficult for me? You’ll need to be able to physically do what it takes to flip furniture and transport it back and forth to sales or shops, or handle online sales and shipping. You’ll also need the tech know how to take part in an online course, and hopefully you’ll choose to be a part of the Flipping Furniture community through our closed Facebook Group. Using your computer, uploading photographs, using Facebook are all basic to this course.