Flipping Furniture



Shelly has made it so easy to learn, her videos are very clear and concise… every step is explained clearly with close ups of what she is doing. If I have any questions I can ask on our private Facebook group and Shelly responds almost immediately.

Shona Forman, BC, Canada

I love the format of the online class!  It fits my busy schedule and you can rewatch the videos as many times as you want. Also, it’s been fun seeing others pictures and postings on the Facebook page!  But the best thing for me since I live in a rural area is that I don’t have to drive two hours to class.

Diane Ragsdale

Upholstery student recommendationI had literally been waiting for years for Shelly to do an online course, and Chair Up! did not disappoint! The videos were super easy to follow, and Shelly answered all of our wacky questions with tremendous wisdom and enthusiasm. I also really loved the Facebook group—it was so fun to be a part of our little class community, sharing my own progress and seeing what everyone was working on.

Alejandra Jusidman, Brooklyn, NY

I worked in an upholstery shop for fifteen years as a seamstress. I tried to learn all I could by watching the upholsterer but could never catch on to the specific way of doing some of the must-know techniques. Shelly’s class is changing all of that. I am learning so many of the skills I lacked. The class is great for total beginners but explains the things I need to know also. She is very helpful and answers questions quickly. So worth the money. I have even got my husband watching.

Thanks Shelly!

Mary Jo Allison

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the upholstery that I am currently enrolled in. As an adult education instructor with over 20 years experience, I have a very high standard for the quality of the classes I take as well as instructors. I have to tell you how you have exceeded my expectations. The quality of your instructions, timeliness of your lessons and attention to your student’s needs is top notch. Taking a course online is very challenging. Students need to make the course a top priority. Sometimes that is very difficult with the demands of everyday life. And you understand that! You are not judgmental if we fall a little behind. In fact, you are very encouraging and understanding. In your instructional videos, you instill confidence. You know your craft and it shows! It has been a pleasure taking your class. I really wish and hope someday I can take the class in person.

Thank you for the tremendous opportunity.

Jennifer Roszko-Brennan