Flipping Furniture

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Are you ready to take the guesswork out of trying to sell your creative furniture flips for a profit? Is it time to turn this into a creative, fun, powerful, focused, profit-yielding business? Ready to find your niche? Market to the customers who want you?  Become efficient and maximize your time, energy and cash flow?


A six week interactive, one of a kind online business course designed to teach you how to elevate your furniture transformation business from vague and hopeful to FOCUSED and FORMULAIC in order to improve your efficiency and increase your profits.

The next session of Flipping Furniture will be open for registration at 8:00 am EST on March 1st, 2016. The course will run from June 1, 2016 through July 6th, perfectly timed for you to start putting your ‘flipping formula’ into action to sell, sell, sell in all of those fabulous spring and summer markets.

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Flipping Furniture StudentI am so grateful to Shelly Leer for offering the Flipping Furniture online course. This course helped me to not only have a realistic concept of what my business would look like, but also gave me the tools to put together a solid business plan with realistic expectations for myself. I found the information that was provided invaluable and has prompted me to better target my customers and hone my brand. Shelly’s teaching style is a solid mix of approachable and knowledgeable. She is clear, concise and easy to follow. Best of all, she pushes you to critically think about yourself, your abilities, your dreams and your path.

Staci Hammond, Rock-n-Renov8

Upholstery Business Class StudentI signed up for Flipping Furniture when I was at a crossroads in my upholstery business. I wanted to change it from custom client work to furniture redesign, but I wasn’t sure how to take those steps. Working through Shelly’s course gave me the inspiration and encouragement to know I was on the right path. You’ll work through your brand style, who is your right customer, how and where to sell among many other key business strategies. One of the most valuable aspects is the private Facebook group the students post to during class. We all learned from each other and were able to cheer everyone on. We still do even months after the course was finished! I’d highly recommend Shelly’s class—the information and knowledge she shares are invaluable.

Linda Lanke, Harper Eliot Designs

Sewing Upholstery

Understanding the business end of flipping furniture is just as important as being creative and passionate about restoring, restyling and repurposing. (And don’t forget REUPHOLSTERING! ) When you discover your niche, your best market, your ideal customers and the right road map, your work becomes much easier and more satisfying.

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Flipping Furniture

If you’re already earning extra cash by doing what you do best—adding your style and flair to vintage furniture, it’s time to turn this passion into a legitimate furniture flipping business.  Furniture flips are sold at popular flea markets, by high end interior designers, through big websites like Chairish.com and more. The demand for well done, stylish flips continues to grow. But there’s a method to this madness. Stop reinventing the wheel each and every time you transform a vintage piece of furniture. There are smarter steps to close the gap between procurement of pieces and realizing a profit from your work.  In F2, you’ll have access to professional tips, techniques and experiences that I’ve used during twenty five years in the upholstery, furniture design, flipping, restyling and resale business.

Upholstery Tools

If you’re getting positive feedback on your extraordinary furniture flipping style, but the customers just aren’t paying the prices your pieces demand, you may be discouraged wonder what’s wrong.  Chances are you’re not reaching the right customers, selling in the right market or seeing the bigger picture for your business.

Hammering Upholstery Nails

In Flipping Furniture, you’ll learn how to transform your casual hobby into a well oiled flipping machine by learning how to create a formula for successful, time efficient, profit making flips. There are oodles of online business courses, but none of them specifically address the strategies you need to implement in order to consistently make money from your creative furniture flips and small furnishing designs.

Upholstery student tying

This is much more than a self guided upholstery business course.

I’ll be working with you to:

  • assess where your business is and where you want it to be
  • create a road map for taking your business to the next level
  • learn how style and taste affects pricing
  • find a niche that you love and that works for you
  • learn how to find your perfect markets/customers
  • learn how to find and feel confident in your pricing
  • discover the best sales outlets for you designs
  • develop a strategy to find, flip and profit

Upholster Dining Chairs

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Flipping Furniture Upholstered Chairs

The course includes advice from people like you from all over the world who found their niche market.  All of their businesses include some aspect of upholstery and/or furniture flipping as part of their business model.

Reupholstered vintage chair detail

This course will teach you how to analyze how you’re currently doing business and help you find your own profit earning ‘flipping formula’.

I understand that the money and business end of this may not be what you love, or even what you want to do, but if you want to build a sustainable business, you’ll have to get all of the pieces in place. The hunting and gathering that we love don’t have to go away, they just need to be balanced by the practical stuff that will move you forward and take your bottom line from RED to Black.

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