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Knowing the right way to take an old upholstered chair down to its bare timbers and build it back up again has become an enviable skill for DIY-ers, crafters, and the most design savvy modern homemakers. Vintage chair re-design has turned into a profitable business piece for design firms, artisans, and shop owners, as well. One of a kind, refurbished vintage side chairs are in the pages of interior design magazines and grace the windows of expensive home furnishing boutiques.

To upholster like a pro, you need to be taught by a pro.

The biggest obstacle to learning proper upholstery skills is that professional upholsterers don’t have the time or desire to teach students. Upholstery training programs have all but disappeared from community colleges and trade schools. This leaves you with books of hard to understand instructions and You Tube videos that can be random, poorly shot and unorganized.

No worries-we’ve got you covered. Your frustrating search for upholstery classes is over.

CHAIR UP! Upholstery Bootcamp our studio-tested and extremely popular beginning upholstery course is available to you NOW ONLINE with all the realtime instruction and guidance you need from expert upholsterer, Shelly Miller Leer.

What It Is:

  • Shelly, owner of the ModHomeEc studio and blog and founder of Upholstery Club, delivers this upholstery class to you, in the comfort of your own home.
  • Chair Up is the online version of our most successful and popular live studio class. Hundreds of students have come through our doors with no previous upholstery experience and have left with show-stopping chair makeovers, as well as the skills and confidence to progress in their understanding of the upholstery profession. Upholstery is not mastered overnight.
  • An online course that will teach you the proper method of taking an open armed side chair down to the bare bones and building it back up using professional upholstery tools and techniques.
  • A course where you can explore, discover and express your own creativity through furniture, fabric, trims and techniques.
  • A course in which you can choose to be an active part of an online community of fellow classmates, or sit back and quietly learn this new skill as it’s convenient for you.
  • It’s the next best thing to being in a live studio class.
  • Take this course along with our Deep Buttoned Boudoir Bench course, and you’ll be on your way to creating your own vintage furniture redesign business.

What You Get:

  • A link to your private classroom site where you’ll receive upholstery instruction, demonstrations, hands-on guidance for taking your open armed side chair from frumpy to fabulous through private lessons and videos
  • An understanding of upholstery tools, safety and the use of other tools in a typical upholstery shop
  • Spring tying
  • Historical upholstery information for fun and showing off
  • Discussions of techniques and methods that can vary from shop to shop
  • How to estimate and purchase the right fabric (do not choose fabric until you receive information on buying the right fabric for upholstery)
  • Finishing techniques that show you are not just messing around, but you know what you’re doing
  • Membership in a dedicated FB group where you can post photos, join in with classmates and students from previous courses to ask questions, chat and enjoy creative camaraderie
  • Continued ‘classroom’ access after you complete the course
  • Links and resources for upholstery supplies and additional information
  • A one-of-a-kind comprehensive skills and knowledge based upholstery course–ONLINE


To find answers to more of your questions, read the FAQ’s here. To see what tools and materials you need, click here. Read more about your upholstery instructor, Shelly Miller Leer, right here.

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Registration now open.

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(less than the cost of having one open armed side chair reupholstered)

The best part of it: Students love it!

Here’s what they’re saying:

TerriShelly has gone over and above to make sure that we have all the information we need to do our very best! Her videos are clear and concise and show details that will make all the difference in the finished product. I know that when my chair is finished, it will be right and done correctly. I can recommend this class with all sincerity! Totally worth the investment!

Terri Shaver

CheriI’ve always, always wanted to take an upholstery class!  When Shelly shared pictures and details on her blog regarding her three-day intensive upholstery bootcamps, my reaction was, “Oh, how FUN!” And so wished I could find the same type of class near me.

AS SOON as I saw Shelly’s announcement of the online class Chair UP, I began making plans to “attend.”  I told my husband, kids, sister, mom, friends, acquaintances… everybody, that I was taking an online upholstery class (most were patient and humored me). I appreciated the early sign-up that Shelly offered, and loved getting the early emails that guided me in finding the right chair.  (for $5, thank you Mr. Garage Sale Man) By the time class began, I had three great chairs from which to choose.  Thanks, Shelly, for helping me decide which one would be Chair #1. Shelly has virtually held my hand through this fun process. She has produced great video lessons that clearly show and explain each step. It’s clear to me that Shelly is a gifted teacher who loves her subject.  The Facebook page is filled with student questions and pictures, AND Shelly’s patient and humor-filled answers. I’ve learned so much, had so many questions answered, and enjoyed every lesson.  I’m looking forward to finishing my first chair, and tackling the next!

Cheri Berry

SusanTakes a teacher with a beasty passion & determination to pull off an online upholstery class as Shelly teaches us from her professional workshop.  “Keeping up/catching up” with lessons allows real-time teacher feedback, but her don’t-sweat-it approach keeps them available for 6 months after class ends…prolonging my new therapy!

Susan Tunier

I worked in an upholstery shop for fifteen years as a seamstress. I tried to learn all I could by watching the upholsterer but could never catch on to the specific way of doing some of the must know techniques. Shelly class is changing all that. I am learning so many of the skills I lacked. The class is great for total beginners but explains the things I need to know also. She is very helpful and answers questions quickly. So worth the money. I have even got my husband watching. Thanks Shelly!

Mary Jo Allison

Karin McCormick FredricksonThis class was amazing. I am a complete amateur, who was able to create amazing upholstered pieces by watching the Upholstery Knockouts online videos. The lessons are paced well with wide shots and close ups so you can see the detail. Shelly makes herself available for questions and follow ups it seems like around the clock. I never had a question go unanswered. I would 100% recommend any of the Upholstery Knockouts online courses.

Karin McCormick Fredrickson, Valencia, California

  • You’d pay an average of $225 in labor alone to have an open armed side chair reupholstered.
  • You’ll learn professional upholstery skills to use throughout your lifetime.
  • Our live 6 week studio classes cost $265.00.
  • Our live Chair Up Bootcamp studio workshops cost $435.00.
  • By taking Chair Up Online Bootcamp you save close to $100.00 and benefit from personal instruction and classmate interaction through the private FB Group.

Upholstery StudentUpholstery StudentUpholstery Student


All of our class curricula are mindfully developed in response to the growing demand for classes that are provided by experienced and professional upholsterers, both for aspiring upholsterers, as well as those wanting to learn how to create unique furnishings in response to decor and design trends. Either way, it’s not easy to find the simplified, personal, as well as professional instruction you need. The best part of it is that you can ‘go to class’ from the comfort of your own home or studio.

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