Class Policy

Read our entire policy before registering so everyone knows what to expect when you enroll.
1. Due to limited space and scheduling details, class fees are nonrefundable.
2. If we have to cancel or postpone a class due to inclement weather or a personal matter, we will notify you and schedule a makeup class.
3. Make sure you can attend all scheduled classes.
4. If you want to work on one piece with a friend or spouse, they will also need to register for class
5. Makeup classes can be scheduled online for a $35.00 fee.
6. Payments for classes, open shop, workshops and gift certificates are made online through PayPal.

We reserve the right to cancel a class based on number of students registered. We will not hold a class with less than 3 students. You can either reschedule, take a studio credit, or request a refund for the class if a class is postponed or canceled.

Approved Furniture
Our class curricula are based on certain chair types, therefore it’s imperative that the piece you choose meets the criteria for the Beginner or Intermediate classes. Read each class description and view photos of acceptable sizes and styles of pieces.
1. Due to class time and physical space restrictions, all furniture needs to be pre-approved.
2. Email a photo of your piece to shelly@modhomeec.com or, if you’re not sure, you can bring your piece in the studio before the first week of class for approval.

Your supply fee covers:
Use of all tools and sewing machines, staples, adhesive, tacks, hot glue, sewing machine thread, zippers. When using supplies, measure twice before cutting into materials to avoid waste in the studio. We try to keep waste to a minimum in alignment with our mission. However, there are scraps that are unusable and have to be discarded.

MATERIALS: We provide use of tools, safety equipment, sewing machines, thread, twine, tacks, staples, spray adhesive, wood glue, use of clamps, use of sandpaper, use of steel wool, pins, scissors, chalk, nylon cord, upholsterers sewing twine

Students provide:
chair, foam, paint or stain, fabric.

To fully understand the use, cutting and cost of upholstery supplies, whether you’re a hobbyist, or are planning your own business, it’s important to keep track of the cost of materials that go into a piece of furniture. To that end, you will keep an ongoing list of the following materials you use and the amount of each:

burlap, dacron, cotton batting, black dust cover (cambric) webbing, single welt cord, double welt cord, jute twine, front edge roll, cardboard tack strip, upholsterer’s cardboard, button molds, cotton muslin or calico covering

*Balance due at your last class for above supplies. Cash or check.

All materials provided by Mod Home Ec must be used in class. If you want to work at home, you are responsible for purchasing  your own materials.

We will assess what, if any, extra materials you’ll need to complete your project

Class sizes are limited. This is a hands on class. If you need to know the next step, please be patient as we move around the room to help everyone. Feel free to walk around the studio to discuss and see what others are doing. Watching is one of the best ways to learn upholstery.
1. Classes are casual, wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to work hard
2. Bring a camera or your cell phone camera to document your teardown and upholstery process. It’s extremely valuable to see how a piece comes apart.
3. Fifteen minutes before the end of class, we will start cleanup so the studio is ready for the next class
4. If you arrive early, stroll around the Monon Shoppes or the Farmer’s Market (in the old gas station) grab a snack or just relax before class starts.

How to Register:

If there is a drop down menu, click on the class you want, go to the Add to Cart button and continue to checkout. Read times and dates carefully before you register.

After Registering:

PayPal will send you a payment confirmation. If you use another form of credit through PayPal, you may not receive confirmation. If you’re uncertain if your payment was received, email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible